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The sculpture of angel in Regional Museum Maribor (Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, photo by Valentin Benedik, 2018)


Slovenia, Maribor

Regional Museum Maribor

Original location:

Slovenia, Selnica ob Dravi

Parish church of St Margaret the Antioch (?)


The sculpture of angel in Regional Museum Maribor




Height: 86 cm, width: 51 cm, depth: 32 cm

Critical History

Regional Museum Maribor bought this sculpture from a private owner in 2003, based on expert opinion by Sergej Vrišer, who attributed the sculpture to Joseph Straub. Regarding the location of the seller, Vrišer suggested that the sculpture might originate from the high altar of the parish church of St Margaret of Antioch in Selnica ob Dravi.1

Construction / Execution

The sculpture of putto is made of wood. It is painted naturalistic, the drapery and the wings are imitating gold.


Author: Joseph Straub (Wiesensteig 1712 – Maribor 1756)
Technique(s): wood carving
Material(s): limewood
Technique(s): tempera, water gilding
Material(s): Bologna chalk, gold leaf, protein, red bole, size


The sculpture was in very bad condition when the last owner acquired the sculpture in 1970s. The sculpture was restored by Anton Blatnik, who also carved its missing wings.

The sculpture has no original polychromy left. It is completely repolychromed.


Restoration of the sculpture

Strategy: removing dirt, removing varnish

Approach to the presentation of losses

Reintegration of lacunae – mimetic: total

Reconstruction of losses: total

Materials: acetone, Bologna chalk, citric acid, demineralized water, epoxy filler, gold leaf, gold powder, Lascaux® Medium for Consolidation, Paraloid B-72, red bole, sodium hydroxide, sturgeon glue, toluene

Treatment Description

After removing the dirt and varnish from the surface, the wood and polychromy were localy impregnated with consolidant. Some retouching was done to minimize the uneven effect of varied damage. (The sculpture was restored in 2017 by the Restoration centre in Ljubljana (Institute for the Protection of the Cultural Heritage of Slovenia) as part of the regular working programme financed by the Ministry Of Culture of Slovenia.)


  1. The sculpture of angel in Regional Museum Maribor (Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, photo by Valentin Benedik, 2018)

Catalogue entry prepared by Valentina Pavlič and Saša Dolinšek

Recommended citation: Valentina Pavlič and Saša Dolinšek, The sculpture of angel in Regional Museum Maribor, in: TrArS – Tracing the Art of the Straub Family, 2018, (accessed 13/07/2020) URL

Sources and Bibliography

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1 Bevc Varl, 2004.