2019 / 10 / 29

Launching the monograph in Zagreb

The monograph Tracing the Art of the Straub Family was launched on Tuesday, 15 October 2019, in the Archdiocesan Pastoral Institute in Zagreb.

Mons. Nedjeljko Pintarić, parish priest of St Mark’s Church and director of the Treasury of Zagreb Cathedral and the Diocesan Museum, addressed those present in the name of the host, the Archdiocese of Zagreb, on whose territory most of the artworks in Croatia are located. Davor Trupković, assistant to the Minister of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, gave an introductory speech in which he praised the successful implementation of the international project, especially given the short deadlines for realization laid down by the propositions of competitions co-funded by the European Union. Tajana Pleše, PhD, director of the Croatian Conservation Institute, emphasized that besides the monograph, the project website with the catalogue of artworks, whose domain the Institute will continue to fund, will remain as part of the project outcome. The contents of the monograph were presented by one of the reviewers, Danko Šourek, PhD, assistant professor at the Department of Art History of Zagreb University, and one of the editors, Professor Matej Klemenčič, PhD, from the Department of Art History of Ljubljana University. Finally, Ksenija Škarić, PhD, project head, thanked all the participants of the project and everyone who contributed both to it and to preparing the monograph.

During the day a professional visit for the project participants was organized to the Parish Church of the Visitation of Mary in Marija Gorica, in which the pulpit by Franz Anton Straub is at present being restored. There was also a visit to the Parish Church of St Francis Xavier in Vugrovec that has three altars by Franz Anton Straub, the parish house and the Chapel of St Michael in the same parish, and a guided tour of the exhibition Height of the Baroque Era: Art of the Straub family in the former Zagreb Archdiocese.

Photographs: Miroslav Pavličić