2019 / 10 / 3

The presentation of the monograph “Tracing the Art of the Straub Family” in Graz

The University of Graz, Institute for Art History, hosted the presentation of the hot-off-the-press monograph Tracing the Art of the Straub Family punctually at the start of the semester on October 1st, 2019.

After the international conference named Results and Synthesis of the Art of the Straub Family, the second event took place in the foyer of the seminary Graz. After the opening and greeting given by Prof. Margit Stadlober, Dr. Eva Klein presented the monography to the interested audience. Then followed vice rector Peter Scherrer (University of Graz), who appreciated the efforts of the project participants, especially concerning the work on the book. The new rector of the University of Graz, Martin Polaschek, was tied up with business, but sent his warmest greetings to the audience.

The presented book aims at giving a general overview of the art of the Straub Family including expert and scientific texts and an artworks catalogue. It combines the remarkable results of two years of interdisciplinary research.

The keynote lecture was held by the head of the restoration workshop of Universalmuseum Joanneum Graz, Dipl.-Rest. Paul-Bernhard Eipper, who talked about selected restorations of artworks by Philipp Jakob Straub in his workshop and the difficulties and characteristics, which can occur during such operations. After a short discussion, the buffet was opened and interested parties were invited to visit the permanent exhibition of the diocesan museum, which includes four artpieces by Philipp Jakob Straub.

Photographs: Esther Wendt