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Croatian Conservation Institute – Leading Partner

The Croatian Conservation Institute is the central institution in the fields of research, conservation-restoration, protection, and preservation of cultural assets in the Republic of Croatia. It was founded in 1997 on a merger of the Institute for Restoration of Works of Art (founded in 1948) and the Conservation Institute of Croatia (founded in 1966). The Institute is financed from the state budget and closely cooperates with conservation departments of the Directorate for Cultural Heritage Protection of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, as well as with professional and scientific institutions in Croatia and abroad.

The Institute’s departments and workshops specializing in the conservation and restoration of immovable cultural goods (architectural heritage, wall paintings and mosaics, stone sculptures and stucco), movable cultural goods (easel paintings, wooden polychrome sculptures, furniture, art on paper, artworks of leather, and items of textile or metal), archaeological heritage (land and underwater), and other objects of cultural, historical or technical significance are located all over the state: in Zagreb, Split, Dubrovnik, Ludbreg, Rijeka, Zadar, Osijek, Vodnjan and Juršići. The Institute is equipped with the Natural Science and Photographic Laboratory, Library and Documentation departments. In addition to the research and conservation-restoration work, the Institute focuses on the development of standards in the profession and the promotion of the cultural heritage by organizing conferences and workshops, exhibitions, as well as through its publication activity.

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