2019 / 10 / 7

The Monograph “Tracing the Art of the Straub Family”

The monograph, published in September 2019, brings together the results of two years of interdisciplinary research conducted during the implementation of the international project Tracing the Art of the Straub Family. The monograph contains expert and scientific texts on the context of the work, history and artworks of the Straub family of artists, as well as chapters presenting the latest results of specialist research into particular works of art carried out during the project in Germany, Austria, Slovenia and Croatia.

The second part of the monograph is a complete catalogue of works by two generations of the Straub family in Germany, Austria, Slovenia, Croatia, Italy and Hungary.

The authors of the texts are participants of the international TrArS project from partner and affiliated institutions. The photographs in the thematic chapters and the catalogue were taken during recording the works of art as part of the project.

All the thematic chapters are published in English, with the translation of the full text or abstract in German, Slovenian and Croatian, while the text of the catalogue is in English.

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The Straub Family Tree

Julia Strobl, Ingeborg Schemper-Sparholz, Matej Klemenčič: Between Academic Art and Guild Traditions

Julia Strobl: The Straub Family in Wiesensteig

Julia Strobl: Johann Baptist Straub

Christina Pichler: Philipp Jakob Straub

Valentina Pavlič: Joseph Straub

Michael Preiß: Johann Georg Straub

Martina Ožanić, Martina Wolff Zubović: Franz Anton Straub

Rupert Karbacher, Lea Rechenauer: Results of the Examination of the High Altar of St George in Munich-Bogenhausen

Paul-Bernhard Eipper: The Historical Handling of Original Polychromy: The Case of the Straub Family's Work

Saša Dolinšek, Katja Kavkler: Discovering Joseph Straub’s Works of Art

Ksenija Škarić: Polychromy: The Study of Typology, Technology and Masters of the Croatian Corpus

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