2019 / 10 / 2

TrArS in Velika Ludina

After the exhibition Height of the Baroque Era: Art of the Straub family in the former Zagreb Archdiocese was opened in the Domitrović Tower in Zagreb, connections with art works preserved in churches continued with the presentation of the high altar of St Michael the Archangel in the parish church dedicated to that saint in Velika Ludina. This altar is the greatest and most monumental work of Franz Anton Straub.

The presentation took place on Thursday, 26 September 2019, starting at 7 pm in the Velika Ludina Community Centre. It is part of the cycle of educational and promotional activities European Baroque in my Homeland: Socializing with the Straub Family Heritage. The presentation was included in the programme Traditional Michaelmas Cultural Evenings in Velika Ludina, organized by the Mijo Stuparić Culture and Art Society (KUD).

At the very beginning, the moderator Diana Jagodnik (KUD Mijo Stuparić) and municipal mayor Dražen Pavlović addressed the audience. The presentation of the project was announced by Višnja Bralić, PhD, Assistant Director for Movable Heritage, after which Ksenija Škarić, PhD, head of the TrArS project, acquainted the participants with the project, with new information about the high altar of St Michael the Archangel and its importance in the European context. Postcards and information leaflets about the project and the altar, printed by the Croatian Conservation Institute, were distributed among those present. The cultural evening ended with the launch of Stjepan Puck Okolski's book In the Flower of Youth, presented by Dragutin Pasarić (book editor), Mladen Mitar and Ivan Gračaković. The event was enhanced with performances by the Women's Choir of KUD Mijo Stuparić, socializing and tasting local delicacies.

The co-organizers of the project’s presentation are the Croatian Conservation Institute, Sisak Diocese, Parish of Velika Ludina, Municipality of Velika Ludina, KUD Mijo Stuparić, Sisak-Moslavina County and the Tourist Board of the Sisak-Moslavina County.

Cultural Evening in Velika Ludina (Croatian Conservation Institute Photo Archive, Miroslav Pavličić)