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Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia

The Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia was founded in 1999, under the then Cultural Heritage Protection Act, and united the 7 regional institutes for the protection of cultural heritage and the Restoration Centre. The Institute comprises the Cultural Heritage Service with 7 regional offices and the Conservation Centre with 2 organizational units – the Restoration Centre and the Centre for Preventive Archaeology. They perform public services in the area of the protection and conservation of immovable cultural heritage with the related movable and intangible heritage.

The Institute is active in the areas of conservation and restoration. It brings together art historians, archaeologists, architects, ethnologists, landscape architects, historians, sculptors, painters and many other experts who work in the institute's various organizational units. The goal of the institute is to preserve and protect the cultural heritage of Slovenia, to raise the broader public's interest in cultural heritage, as well as to achieve a balance of cultural monuments of the past with the existing natural and cultural environment and new architectural achievements.

The institute has a variety of administrative and professional duties related to the protection of both immovable cultural heritage and the associated movable and intangible cultural heritage. Its domain is not only the numerous procedures linked to the direct conservation of heritage and the prevention of damage, but also the large number of measures aimed at incorporating heritage into modern life, presenting heritage to the general public and developing awareness of its value.

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