The Straub Family

Johann Ulrich Straub (c. 1645–1706)

Carpenter in Wiesensteig.

Johann Georg Straub (1674–1755)

Carpenter and sculptor in Wiesensteig.

Johannes Straub (1681–1759)

Carpenter in Wiesensteig.

Johann Baptist Straub (1704–1784)

Johann Baptist, the firstborn son to carpenter Johann Georg Straub the Elder (1674–1755), initially received training in his father’s workshop in Wiesensteig. In 1721, he was sent to Munich to learn from the Bavarian court sculptor Gabriel Luidl, who was a friend of the Straub family and was working in the palaces of Nymphenburg and Schleißheim at the time.


Johannes Straub (1705–)

Carpenter and sculptor in Munich and Wiesensteig.

Philipp Jakob Straub (1706–1774)

Like his brothers, Philipp Jakob Straub received his first education in the arts in his father’s workshop in Wiesensteig. He left in 1721 to follow his brother Johann Baptist (1704–1784) to Munich. There, he worked at the sculptor’s workshop of Gabriel Luidl (1688–1741).


Joseph Straub (1712–1756)

Joseph Straub was born in 1712 in Wiesensteig. Like his brothers, he probably received his first education as a sculptor in his father’s workshop. His whereabouts before 1736 are not documented, but it seems likely that he followed his brothers to Munich, Vienna, or Graz.


Johannes Ulrich Straub (1715–1777)

Painter in Wiesensteig.

Johann Georg Straub the Younger (1721–1773)

There is still little known about the life and artistic work of Johann Georg Straub the Younger. His work as a journeyman in the workshop of his elder brother Philipp Jakob Straub (1706–1774) in 1751, at least, has been documented. He then lived in Bad Radkersburg in Southern Styria, where he got married in 1753.


Franz Anton Straub (1726–1774/76)

Of the five Straub brothers who dedicated their lives to sculpting, the youngest Franz Anton settled and worked in Zagreb during the 1760s. He was born in 1726 in Wiesensteig, but the exact year of his death has not been confirmed by archival documents. It is assumed that he died between 1774 and 1776.