2018 / 6 / 8

International Student Workshop in Ludbreg

On 11th May, 2018, the international student workshop Through Interdisciplinary Cooperation towards a Database of Artworks was held at the Ludbreg Department for Conservation of the Croatian Conservation Institute. A total of 14 students and 9 experts, team members on the TrArS project, from Austria, Slovenia and Croatia participated in the workshop. At the Battyany castle in Ludbreg, students of art history and conservation from the University of Ljubljana, University of Zagreb and University of Split had an opportunity to learn more about stylistic and technical characteristics of Baroque sculpture, archival research and chemical analyzes used in conservation and restoration. Through practical work, using simple tools, such as magnifying glass and a microscope, and combination of two professions, students have prepared a catalogue unit that they entered into the online database.

The workshop was led by Ksenija Škarić, PhD, and Domagoj Mudronja from Croatian Conservation Institute, with support from Julia Strobl from the University of Vienna, Katra Meke and Valentina Pavlič from the University of Ljubljana, Saša Dolinšek from the Institute for the Protection of Cultural Heritage of Slovenia, Martina Ožanić from the Conservation Department in Zagreb, and Miroslav Pavličić from the Croatian Conservation Institute.

Photographs by Miroslav Pavličić