2018 / 4 / 10

Joseph Straub and the Question of the Authorship of the High Altar in St Joseph Church in Slovenska Bistrica – fieldwork

Valentina Pavlič, an art historian and a young researcher at the department of Art Education at Faculty of Education and a PhD student at the Faculty of Arts (both University of Ljubljana), who is collaborating in the TrArS project, published a paper about the high altar in St Joseph Church in Slovenska Bistrica. Sergej Vrišer set the dating of the altar at 1757/58 and suggested Joseph Holzinger as the author. The article, on contrary, argues for Joseph Straub’s authorship based on the style analysis and comparisons with documented and attributed works by both sculptors. The altar is Joseph Straub’s last work (beside the sculptures for parish church in Zlatar, Croatia) and thus sheds new light on the question of Joseph Straub’s succession – his collaboration with Joseph Holzinger. The article can be accessed here.

On Thursday, 15 March 2018, study visit of the small expert group working on Joseph Straub and other scholars working on the project took place in the pilgrimage church of St Joseph in Slovenska Bistrica. All the participants pointed out the excellence of the altar – both in the architecture of the altar, which is harmoniously adjusted to the church architecture, as well as in the quality and elegance of the sculptures. The restorers in our group found out that the altar is in solid condition. The probing, according to our data carried out in 2007, revealed the original polychromy.