2017 / 6 / 10

Study excursion in Croatia

A small expert group, composed of art historians from Austria, Slovenia, and Croatia, visited several altars in Croatia attributed to Philipp Jakob Straub and Joseph Straub. Two-day excursion, from 17th to 18th October 2017, included visits to churches in Zlatar, Čakovec, Varaždin, and Kuzmica. Particular attention was given to artworks of unclear and still unconfirmed attribution. The altar of St. Cross in Varaždin Cathedral, as well as the main altar in the Parish Church of St. Cosmas and Damian in Kuzmica, were carefully attributed to Philipp Jakob Straub by the late Croatian art historian Doris Baričević. Her attribution was partially based on comparisons with artwork that, as ascertained by TrArS team member Julia Strobl from Austria, cannot be reliably credited to that sculptor. Dr. sc. Matej Klemenčič gave a further contribution to the clarification of this issue in his article Die Bildhauer Straub in der österreichischen und slowenischen Steiermark where he hypothesised that the main altar of the Parish Church in Zlatar, then attributed to Joseph Holzinger, was probably the last artwork by Joseph Straub. During the field excursion, the international team noticed several pieces not attributed to the Straub family until now, such as the sculpture from the side altar of the Parish Church of St. Nicholas in Čakovec or sculpture from the choir of the Ursuline Church in Varaždin, pointed out by team members dr. sc. Martina Ožanić and dr. sc. Ksenija Škarić.